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The unit value of fishmeal exported from Peru varies with the country of destination, being lowest for China at US$ 800/tonne and highest for Australia at US$ 1074/tonne in 2005. In years of low supply, Peru favours exports to countries that are willing to pay a higher prices. As a result, exports to Japan and Australia grew in 2006. A similar trend was seen in Chile, where the unit value of fishmeal exports increased strongly by 53%. Overall, exports fell to 520 000 tonnes in 2006, compared to 710 000 tonnes in 2005. However, revenues were better with total export earnings of US$ 515 million, 12% up on 2005. China is the main market for fishmeal products and in a move to take advantage of this market power, Pacific Andes, one of the major traders with China, bought leading peruvian fishmeal processor: Alexandra SAC. Pacific Andes believes that the market situation as positive, and that this acquisition will show profitable results in the very near future. Interestingly, near neighbour Mexico has become the USA’s primarily fishmeal supplier. Both Peru and Canada have lost ground here. Alternative markets have been secured with some 80% of German fishmeal imports now coming from Peru. All indicators are positive for a further increase in fishmeal prices, as landings and production are likely to stay at the low 2006 level, or decline even further. Demand for fishmeal in China and other Asian countries is likely to stay strong which bodes well for the South American industry. – See more at: