biodegradable bottle made from algae

A biodegradable bottle made from algae will hold its shape while full of water, and begin to decompose when empty.

Created by Ari Jónsson, a product design student at the Iceland Academy of Arts, the bottle is made from a powdered agar, which itself is made from algae. Adding water to the agar causes it to form into a jelly, which Jónsson heated and then poured into a pre-cooled mold. The filled mold was then further chilled in ice water and the refrigerator, firming the agar to the point that it could be extracted while still retaining the bottle shape.

Biodegradable Bottle Made from Algae

bringing optical scanning technology to the food supply

three companies now working on bringing optical scanning technology to the food supply. Two of them, TellSpec and SCiO, are working on handheld scanners designed for consumer use. The third, Target, is already starting to implement optical scanning in its supply chain.

Target, one of the nation’s largest retailers, is collaborating with MIT and business design firm Ideo in a venture called Food + Future coLab, based in Cambridge, Mass., which has the broad mission of helping consumers better understand their food. Greg Shewmaker, a Target entrepreneur in residence (yes, that’s a title!), leads the lab and took me on a tour.