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Thank you for visiting us.  谢谢您的访问。这是个学习的自由平台,您可以随意拷贝使用这里的所有内容。

We dedicate ourselves to learning farming and helping our clients build unique farms – quite different from the triditional farming farms.

This website serves the purpose of learning, not just for our clients, but also for ourselves. It is not intended to be comprehensive or authoritative, rather, it intends to be practical and caters to issues large and small, all critical to the operation of a small scale farm. It is informational, learning oriented.

There is no copyright issue regarding our own writings here, everything please feel free to use. If you register and write here, I hope you would also permit your writings can be used freely by others. If you find anything here violates your right, please let us know and we will honor your source or remove. A lot of info here comes from wiki, so thanks wiki, a great source for any toddler indeed.

The main site manager is Dr. Zhang. You can contact him at the following email – tianfuedu@163.com

And as always, we are interested in partner with like-minded people, people who value life and are interested in sharing with others and adding knowledge to the world community. If you want to contribute through writing on this blog, we are completely open and would very much welcome you to join us. Please send us email if you are interested.

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